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Apparently my reply went directly to Rimmer, so I'm sending on to PBS.

Willow water recipe:  Any willow twigs about 6 inches long, 8 or 10 of them,
less or more depending on your level of ambition.  Macerate them with a
hammer and soak for a few days, then use as you would any liquid hormone.
They contain, if memory serves, auxins or something like that that act as
growth hormones and is what was used long before we had purified chemicals.

To propagate two tiny-leaved four-inch high willow shrubs, one of which was
given to me as S. lindleyana, I cut 2-4 inch branch tips and stand in a
glass of water on the windowsill in the kitchen until they develop enough
roots to pot up.  In landscape restoration projects along streams, it's
common for the landscapers to plant 6-foot lengths of whatever willow
they're using in late fall or very early spring.  The lengths aren't rooted
or anything; they root over a period of time and the "take" is quite good.

Hope this is what you were asking.

Hansen Nursery

Hansen Nursery

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