San Francisco Bay bulb enthusiasm

Jane McGary
Sun, 16 Dec 2018 12:29:09 PST
I keep the membership records for the PBS, and in the past few months 
we've welcomed a surge of new members in the San Francisco Bay 
(California) region, including the Peninsula and Marin. This is one of 
the finest bulb-gardening areas in North America, including a wealth of 
native bulbous species and many different kinds of topography and 
microclimates. A few years ago PBS president Nhu Nguyen, then in 
Berkeley, organized a meeting that drew quite a few people from the 
region and even farther away. Perhaps some of you would like to get 
together and do this again?

If someone's willing to take the lead in this, please contact me 
directly (not through this list), and I can provide a mailing list of 
regional members who have given permission when they joined to share 
their contact addresses.

Last winter I combined a Portland NARGS chapter event with invitations 
to PBS members in the Pacific Northwest, and it was a nice way to widen 
the acquaintance of these somewhat overlapping groups. I'm sure other 
areas with clusters of bulb enthusiasts would also have a good time 
doing this.

Jane McGary, Membership Coordinator, PBS

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