Amaryllis ID

Lyndon Penner
Mon, 10 Dec 2018 21:27:52 PST
Thanks to everyone for their responses; I googled 'Cherry Crush', 'Half and
Half', 'Tosca', and 'Charisma'. I am pretty sure it is 'Half and Half',
which is gorgeous and I've never grown it before! How exciting!

As for *Amaryllis belladonna* with its weird striations and margins,
someone suggested thrips or other insects. It did not have even a hint of
foliage or leaves until it was safely indoors for the winter. I have never
had thrips inside my house, and I can find no evidence of them feeding or
being active. I'm genuinely perplexed as to what causes these markings.

I am feeding this plant and providing it with love and comfort and softly
playing some Norah Jones for it. (It seems to enjoy this.) I hope it
flowers for me next year. (*The great British gardener Christopher Lloyd
once referred to this plant as being "rather cheaply scented." We shall see
if that holds true...)

Thanks again.

-Lyndon Penner
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