Begonia boliviensis ‘Brothglow’

Roy Herold
Thu, 06 Dec 2018 16:58:52 PST

Close, but no cigar. I, too, picked up Sparks Will Fly this spring, and 
was delighted with how it looked and performed. At some point, I read 
the label and saw the Plant Patent number.

Further reading of the patent revealed several things. First, it is a 
bolivensis hybrid from England. Second, it is propagated from stem 
cuttings. Third, it is sterile, as it only has MALE flowers. Yup, take a 
look at the photos and you will see. Burpee doesn't quite know what the 
story is--I'm sure they are selling tubers as opposed to seed.

I also got a nice fat tuber, and packed it away in peat moss with my 
other bolivensis tubers. They spend the winter in a friend's basement 
that is cool enough to keep them and other bulbs dormant and happy. That 
said, you would probably be okay leaving it in the pot in a cool 
spot--begonias take a good bit of warmth to get going.

The other bolivensis I grow are from the Bossa Nova seed strain, 
acquired as liners--the yellow one is particularly nice. These all 
appear to be fertile, although I've never tried to grow the seed.


On 12/6/2018 7:35 PM, Judy Glattstein wrote:
> Early last summer I bought a Begonia 'Sparks Will Fly' with lovely 
> tangerine flowers on somewhat arching stems, bronze leaves with lighter 
> veining. It clearly wanted to stop growing later this fall, even though 
> transitioned into my greenhouse. In fact, it fell apart, dropped all the 
> stems. And - surprise! - there's a nice plump smooth brown tuber sitting 
> somewhat above the soil.
> It is a seed raised Burpee offering, /Begonia boliviensis/ ‘Brothglow’
> What can you tell me about /B. boliviensis/? Anyone else have 'Sparks 
> Will Fly'? Do I just shove it under a bench and neglect watering until 
> early spring?
> Judy in New Jersey where we are flip-flopping from warm to rain to quite 
> chilly
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