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M Gastil-Buhl gastil.buhl@gmail.com
Wed, 12 Dec 2018 17:44:34 PST
Hi Faith,
Yes my BX envelope arrived too, on December 10, eight weeks from the
October 15 request. I wondered if it was just mine delayed so I'm glad you
wrote to the list. I suspect there is a story behind this, weather, or
postal time warp. I had given up too. But there it was, one tiny Moraea
pritzeliana corm about the size of a grain of rice. I photographed and
potted it up yesterday in a 2" seed pot along with a generous amount of
faith in tiny bulbs. Several of my accessions started out that small.

Speaking of tiny starts, my Tropaeolum hookerianum emerged a couple weeks
ago. The tubers grow so deeply, from 9 to 12 inches below surface. I guess
they use up their reserves to reach up thru all that soil. Their tiny dark
thread-thin stems are hard to see even up close. And they do not always
emerge directly above where planted. So when I discovered them, it was that
same sort of renewal of faith.

Yep to be a bulb person is to know how to wait optimistically.
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