Old BX Massonia IDs

Roy Herold rrherold@gmail.com
Wed, 05 Dec 2018 16:43:22 PST
Thanks to Gottfried Milkuhn, Rimmer deVries, and Paul Cumbleton, we now 
have some definitive and/or putative IDs for some of the massonias I 
have sent to the BX over the years

M15 (Vleesbaai) and M16 (Plettenberg Bay): Massonia setulosa

M46: Massonia tenella (not pygmaea)

M52: Well, it's NOT M. pygmaea, that's for sure, and it might be a new 
species or subspecies. Gottfried's plant is blooming this year, and the 
flowers are similar to the recently described M. mimetica which grows in 
a very different habitat. Is anyone else here growing M52 from BX290? If 
so, Gottfried is looking for pollen. Here are some habitat pics for 
those who are interested:


M59: Massonia inaequalis, so named for the differing length of the 
stamens. Newly published in 2018:


Note that M59 has smooth leaves as opposed to the pustulate leaves 
described in the literature. This appears to be a regional variant, as 
M59 was collected ~5km south of the type. Habitat pics:


NW of Boston
Yep, the ground is frozen

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