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Wed, 26 Dec 2018 11:30:29 PST
December  2018 - from the  Scottish Rock Garden Club website - -  to plantlovers everywhere.....

What an exciting week - we celebrate  16 full years of weekly Bulb Log 
reports from Ian Young and the the ninth year of  the IRG. Ian looks 
back over    the 2018 Bulb Logs.

IRG - the International Rock Gardener monthly e-magazine on the website 
of SRGC is a bumper issue posted online a little early to celebrate the 
season, with three new plant species described. Janis Ruksans discusses 
Crocus of series Kotschyani and describes a new species, Crocus 
hatayensis from Turkey, Janis  Ruksans and Henrik Zetterlund  (of the  
Gothenburg Botanical Garden)define a new Eranthis species from Iran, and 
John Watson dedicates a new Viola species to a very special person!

Find the latest issues here:……

As well as other resources available on the  SRGC website, it is also 
possible to download - a copy of  'Erythroniums in Cultivation'-…

We in SRGC take the sharing of information seriously!  Happy Holidays!


Margaret Young

SRGC Hon. Vice President  and IRG Editor

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