Membership directory preparation

Jane McGary
Mon, 03 Dec 2018 17:28:44 PST
We are in the process of preparing a new edition of the PBS Membership 
Directory, to be mailed with a forthcoming issue of The Bulb Garden. I'd 
like to alert those of you who are dues-paying PBS members (rather than 
only non-paying list subscribers) of this opportunity to update your 

The Directory will include those who are current members and those who 
were members in 2017 but did not yet renew for 2018. It will list the 
names, addresses (postal and email), horticultural businesses, and 
"favorite bulbs" of those who answered "yes" to the question on the 
membership application that asks if they want this information included 
in the Directory. Since fewer than half the members did answer "yes," 
this is an opportunity to change your mind if you want to be available 
to be contacted directly by other members. The Directory is not shared 
with anyone except members.

There is also a question on the application about garden visits. A small 
minority of members are willing to show their gardens to other members 
by prior arrangement. If you answered "no" to this but would like to 
change that to "yes," please tell me.

  We are discussing the possibility of including the names /only /of 
members who answered "no" to the above question. If you don't want even 
your name listed, please write directly to me. This feature of the 
Directory would assist members who want to contact a given individual, 
since they could write to me and I would forward their email to the 
individual they're seeking, who could decide whether to reply. This 
happens from time to time.

If you do want your contact information listed, this is the time to make 
sure I have your /current /email address. We have a number of members 
who have been with us for a long time (thank you!) and we may still have 
their former email addresses on our database.

If you have comments or information to change, PLEASE WRITE DIRECTLY TO 

Thank you!

Jane McGary, Membership Coordinator,


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