Mystery Bulb

Linda M Foulis
Tue, 04 Dec 2018 17:49:43 PST
Hi Mary Sue,

I've got bulbs identical to that but can't help you with an ID.  I lost the
tags years ago.  Over the years I think I've tried to grow every albuca
there is so I can't even narrow it down from my seed lists.

Linda Foulis

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Subject: [pbs] Mystery Bulb

An Albuca appeared in one of my pots. I'm not sure where it came from, maybe
some misidentified seed from an exchange? Where I live in Coastal Northern
California the leaves usually appear in February and it usually flowers in
June. I'm ready to send it to Albert for the BX but hope someone can
identify it for me first so have added photos of the flowers, leaves, and
bulbs to the wiki:…

Thanks for any help with this.

Mary Sue

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