Blooming mid February

Matt Mattus
Thu, 15 Feb 2018 13:07:06 PST
In bloom now: (under cold glass)

Scilla messeniaca
Narcissus romieuxii and all of their kin, now mixed up in various colors of white and yellow
Ipheon dialystemon
Nerine undulata (or N. alba), with 7 buds this year.
Oxalis lasiorhiza
Cyclamen coum – which wont grow for me outdoors but which now self-seed in the sand beds and in the ground of the ghouse.
Many Dutch bulbs particularly commercial  Iris reticulata and small species crocus (C. sieberi, etc.).

In bud:
Scilla mesopotamica (I can’t wait, this is new for me)
Tropaeolum bracheceras (three other tuberous species in full growth but not showing buds yet)
Some lachenalia (African Beauty series,  L. aloides types and L. pustulata mostly).

Non bulbs:
A large basket of Dendrobium speciosum with spikes
Many camellia
A large pot with Edgworthia chrysantha
And one with Sarcocca hookeriana that hooked me when I saw it at the 2008 NARGS conf. in Portland growing outside the hotel.
(remember, I live outside of Boston).

Matt Mattus
Worcester, MA
US Zone 5b
Cool glass greenhouse set at 38-40°F. at night.

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    Blooming now:
    (apologies for spellings from memory not proof-read)
    Dichelostemma capitatum, giant Santa Cruz variety
    Moraea tripetala
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