Crocuses and peepers

Jane Sargent
Fri, 23 Feb 2018 06:00:12 PST
Here in Massachusetts, it snowed again, and we have neither crocuses nor 
Years ago my parents lived in Pennsylvania. There was a tall grassy bank 
beside the road, and the neighbor who owned it had planted crocuses in a 
pattern so that they came up making the letters SPRING IS HERE. Everyone 
loved it, but over time some of the bulbs must have slid down the hill, 
and for many years it came up and heralded SPRING IS HE.
We still go around saying this in my family.
As for peepers, at quite a young age my daughter explained to her 
sister, "they┬┤re singing about sex because they are from earth."
Sounds as if SPRING IS HE in Maryland.
Jane S
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