Iris pseudacorus & SIGNA (was Re: invasive???)

Dennis Kramb
Fri, 16 Feb 2018 16:47:47 PST
On the subject of invasiveness... Iris pseudacorus has been commonly
available in the trade for decades, but very recently 14 states & provinces
have enacted bans due to its tendency to invade & degrade wild natural
areas.  So I added a compilation of information about these bans to the
SIGNA website for this year's Seed Exchange.

Which is a good segue for me to say that the annual SIGNA Seed Exchange has
launched today.  Only members may buy seeds from this year's exchange, but
surplus seeds from previous exchanges are available to anyone who wants
them.  Just don't buy Iris pseudacorus if you live in the affected areas.

Dennis in Cincinnati (where it was 68 last night but now it's 38 and feels
like 28 deg F)
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