Flying Squirrels, Spotted Owls, and Truffles

Sun, 18 Feb 2018 10:54:19 PST
Thought you'd enjoy the post below, on truffles. The Pacific Bulb society is an
international and erudite group who usually discuss bulbs (quite beyond my level
of knowledge, but fun to read) ... but this time of year, the subject varies,
and you can tell it is winter in other parts of the world because the subject
matter gets quite silly. We just finished a discussion on whether Beaujolais is
the best wine to accompany braised ground hog. I thought it was too light, and
suggested Cabernet sav. for braising and merlot to accompany. 

I am happy to pick you up at the ferry on 7 March, save you some traveling
costs, and I'm going right by there. I know a couple of nice spots for a late
lunch/early dinner in Nanaimo after your appointment, and will drop you off at
Little River on our way back up the island.

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 From a recent lecture I attended on Mushrooms Matter:

Consider this: there are truffles that grow in the old growth forests of the
Pacific Northwest. They may not be as flavorful as the truffles of France and
Italy. But they are indisputably truffles.


Flying squirrels love to eat truffles. And spotted owls love to eat 
flying squirrels. [These happen to be a great horned owl and her owlet, 
but they are what I have to photograph around here.] So the squirrels 
consume truffles, the owls consume squirrels. What does the truffle get 
out of this? Both squirrels and owls excrete spores, "planting" more 
truffles. Interconnections of the web of life.

from Judy in western New Jersey, where we got about 6 inches of snow 
last night, and this morning is clear skies and sunny.

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