Pineapple seeds

David Pilling
Sun, 11 Feb 2018 05:08:38 PST

In the old days of tart pineapples, they had no seeds, and you can find 
people on the internet who say that pineapple seeds do not exist.

However when the new sweet varieties came in, they had seeds, and in my 
experience they're easily viable, just add warmth (70F) and water.

I've grown several, they did not get to fruiting size, I killed them 
with kindness, keeping them indoors away from the cold, but also away 
from the light, and in summer never picking the right moment to move 
them outside.

Bear in mind this is in the UK, and our pineapples may come from 
somewhere different to other places.

I took a photo of the seeds:…

short URL:

(and Google does not show it !!!)

David Pilling
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