Shmuel Silinsky
Wed, 14 Feb 2018 01:01:31 PST
Obviously "invasive" depends on where the plant is from and where it is
grown. Some plants self sow or "naturalize" but never become a problem. Duh.

So , inspired by the thread about no-care bulbs to be (hopefully) added to
the wiki, I wonder if a "potentially invasive" section would be good? I
know the answer is that everyone is busy and strapped, but the wiki is open
and write to the wiki people. : )

Case in point, Bellevalia flexuosa, is a common native here in Israel and I
call it a weed, but many may want this. Is this a plant that others want
and I can send to the BX or SX or is it a horrible scourge that would be
unleashed into gardens.  Bottom line, do I throw them out or send them on?

Jerusalem, Israel
zone 9

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