Crocuses and peepers
Fri, 23 Feb 2018 08:28:44 PST

That hillside planting gives a new meaning to the Language of
Flowers.  I love it!

Lin Eucalyptus 

In Santa Cruz, CA where we're having our version of icy cold
winter-nights in the 30's and frost.


> Here in Massachusetts, it snowed again, and we have neither
crocuses nor

> peepers.

> Years ago my parents lived in Pennsylvania. There was a tall grassy

> beside the road, and the neighbor who owned it had planted crocuses
in a

> pattern so that they came up making the letters SPRING IS HERE.

> loved it, but over time some of the bulbs must have slid down the

> and for many years it came up and heralded SPRING IS HE.

> We still go around saying this in my family.

> As for peepers, at quite a young age my daughter explained to her

> sister, "they´re singing about sex because they are
from earth."

> Sounds as if SPRING IS HE in Maryland.

> Jane S

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