invasive crocosmia

Kathleen Sayce
Thu, 15 Feb 2018 10:27:40 PST
I have enjoyed the discourse on invasive plants in this forum, and have my own 2 cents to add about Crocosmia in the Pacific Northwest. 

A few years ago I was birding along the shore of Youngs Bay, Astoria, Oregon, on the Columbia River. Looked along the riprap at the water’s edge, and saw hundreds of Crocosmia flowering there, from which I deduced that someone had tossed seed bearing stalks in the water, somewhere upriver, the seeds float, and this species has now established on the shoreline. This part of the bay has medium salinity, and I have now found more than 5 miles of shoreline has Crocosmia. 

I agree with Mike and others that invasiveness is a capacity that varies from locale to locale, and it would be good to know where this happens. It will help all of us make better informed decisions about which plants to grow only in pots, and which to avoid completely. In my own yard, I am still working to extirpate Allium roseum after a careless introduction on my part. 

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