Tecophilaea cyanocrocus

Michael Kent kenttoto@gmail.com
Wed, 07 Feb 2018 08:24:35 PST
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I think Diana did all the hard work. I received my bulb June 2nd of 2017. I
potted it in a mix of sand, grit, and small amounts of peat moss and leaf
mold. (It's not really leaf mold - I live on a lake, so every Spring, the
lake will flood (mostly just around a foot, but sometimes a lot more) and
that will churn up lots of leaves and glop that has been decaying on the
bottom of the lake all Winter. If you rake the beach, you get what looks
and acts like leaf mold...) It got a good watering, and then it sat in the
basement all summer. The temps were probably around 50 - 60, and the only
light was from a window well at the other end of the basement. Once all my
other plants came inside in mid-October, it was under lights and got an
occasional splash of water. I was just starting to worry it had died (and
preparing to dig down to check on it), when I noticed the soil in the
center of the pot was 'swelling.' I moved it up to the window a few days
later because that area of the plant bench has low light levels. After
about a week, I gently teased apart the leaves (they were spreading apart
at the tips, but the first four inches were still all tightly wrapped
together). Imagine my surprise when I discovered that there was a
developing flower bud in there! There is a second bud developing as well,
but the current one is still going strong. I'm watering it about once every
four days; it seems to be doing well with that.

Off topic, but ... Does anyone have any pointers on how to sprout pineapple
seeds? I never realized pineapples had seeds in them until I was chopping
one up Monday. I dug out maybe twelve seeds, but then got distracted, so
they ended up sitting on a paper towel on the counter until earlier today.
They're just starting to look desiccated, so I put them in a little warm
water. Not really sure where to go after that. I will probably try a mix
that's heavy on the sand/grit. (And, yes, I realize they most likely won't
end up growing 'supermarket' pineapples; it's more an issue of satisfying
my curiosity.)

we're getting steady accumulations of snow today; schools are mostly
closing early
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