groundhog recipe

Jane Sargent
Sat, 17 Feb 2018 11:25:32 PST
Judy, that was a terrific recipe. I cooked it in one of those new 
electric pots that is also a pressure cooker. I served it on a bed of 
mashed roasted Lycoris and Boophone bulbs, with baby parsnips. I took 
Arnold´s advice and had a bottle of Beaujolais before cooking, one 
during cooking, and one with the meal.

The second groundhog, the one we didn´t kill, we are overfeeding with 
corn to see whether his liver will turn into foie gras. Perhaps there is 
a fine New Jersey recipe for this, too, as all our traditional 
Massachusetts recipes call for maple syrup or clams.

It´s meant to snow tonight, not an onion snow but up to 8 inches of 
misery. We have snow sports here, and ice sports, but what we need is a 
good team slush sport.

Jane Sargent

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