Dire disappearing Dierama

Charles Powne iyou@mac.com
Tue, 20 Feb 2018 10:17:09 PST
I agree with Eugene: It’s evergreen. I think the key ingredient for growing them successfully is well-drained gravelly soil. At least that's what works for me in rainy Portland, where I’m growing Dierama pulcherrimum and D. pauciflorum. Both of them are thriving and multiplying yearly. My front yard is deeply mulched with decayed granite, which is my feeble attempt at recreating South African soils. It looks more like I've dumped cat litter everywhere. Alas!

Charles Powne
USDA zone 8b

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> Dierama pulcherrimum is evergreen.  If it dies back (if the foliage disappears), that's not a good sign.
> Eugene Zielinski
> Prescott Valley, Arizona
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>> I've found that Dierama corms in pots rot easily during the Winter if the
>> soil remains too moist.  For me, they like it neither too moist, nor overly
>> dry.  In the greenhouse I try to keep them on the dry side, and water from
>> the bottom only, if I think they're going to desiccate.  The ones outside
>> in the ground (well draining) fare better, but eventually succumb to the
>> less than ideal conditions for Dierama here.
>>> On 19 February 2018 at 20:06, RICHARD WAGNER <xerics@cox.net> wrote:
>>>> Last spring I planted some seed of Dierama pulcherimum. It germinated
>>> well
>>>> and grew all summer, going dormant in November.
>>>> I got impatient waiting for them to re-sprout so I looked into the pot.
>>>> Nothing! Not a single corm.
>>>> What did I do wrong?
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