Sending photos of plants to the PBS list.

David Pilling
Tue, 13 Feb 2018 04:54:46 PST
Hi Carol,

On 13/02/2018 12:41, Carol Ballard wrote:
> idea what they are actually, I would like to send some photos to the list of
> the plants as advertised plus of the bulbs which I received today in the
> post. I have tried to post photos to the list before but they have been
> deleted by the list I the term was scrubbed, could someone please tell me
> how to post photos to the list that people can see without them being
> scrubbed?

"scrubbed" is good, it means the photo has been removed from the post, 
saved on the sever, and a link to it has been added.

You will find near the word scrubbed a link, which when clicked lets you 
see the photo.

I agree the term "scrubbed" has negative connotations, I didn't make it 
up. Read it as "saved" or "replaced with link".

(and we are replacing photos with links for the benefit of people on low 
bandwidth connections to the 'net).

David Pilling
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