sowing times

Johannes Ulrich Urban
Tue, 13 Feb 2018 11:41:33 PST
Hello Shmuel,

Having received seeds from Silverhill I asked the same question as you 
did. The reply I got was exactly what was stated. Winter growing bulb 
seed might germinate now but with warmer temperatures approaching they 
will not have time enough to build up a bulb big enough to survive the 
first dry summer. Watering a dormant seedling pot may kill the dormant 
bulb as well. So it is better to store the seed of winter growers until 
let's say October.

My personal experience in storing seed of winter growing plants like 
Gladiolus and Albuca is very good, in general this seed is surprisingly 
long lived.

Seed of all those plants which will not go dormant in summer can be sown 

Good success!


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