Groundhog Recipe

Judy Glattstein
Fri, 16 Feb 2018 09:10:11 PST
O.K. You asked for it. And yes, obviously, the same wine used for 
cooking would also be a good choice to drink with the meal.

After soaking as previously described drain and pat dry. Sear meat in a 
little oil in hot pan. Remove. Saute a mirepoix of carrot, onion, 
celery. Return meat to pan. Add a good splash of wine meat is not 
immersed in liquid. Simmer in tightly closed pan for about 60 to 90 
minutes (depends on age of woodchuck). Add olives, and fennel which has 
been lightly browned. Tuck fennel pieces around meat. Again cover pan 
and simmer for about 30 minutes. Serve with broad noodles. Or mashed 
potatoes would also be good.

Same recipe good for raccoon.
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