Crocuses and peepers

Fri, 23 Feb 2018 23:32:03 PST
Hi all,

Winter in Germany has completely gone mad this time: we had 19 (!) 
vegetation days in January (average Temp 5°C or higher), and nearly none 
since, leaving Eranthis, Galanthus, Crocus and Reticulata-Irises in a 
conserved state and the birds somewhat confused. And now we're waiting 
for a shock-freeze from the east, with announced -15°C night 
temperatures for the rest of February, without a protective snow cover - 
i'm preparing for a few sleepless nights - not that I could do anything 
about it besides a few protective sheets, but I just can't sleep when I 
fear for my plants....


Am 23.02.2018 um 15:00 schrieb Jane Sargent:
> Here in Massachusetts, it snowed again, and we have neither crocuses 
> nor peepers.
> Years ago my parents lived in Pennsylvania. There was a tall grassy 
> bank beside the road, and the neighbor who owned it had planted 
> crocuses in a pattern so that they came up making the letters SPRING 
> IS HERE. Everyone loved it, but over time some of the bulbs must have 
> slid down the hill, and for many years it came up and heralded SPRING 
> IS HE.
> We still go around saying this in my family.
> As for peepers, at quite a young age my daughter explained to her 
> sister, "they´re singing about sex because they are from earth."
> Sounds as if SPRING IS HE in Maryland.
> Jane S
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