Pineapple seeds

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Sat, 10 Feb 2018 21:22:44 PST
> Off topic, but ... Does anyone have any pointers on how to sprout pineapple
> seeds?

It is common to find small things the size of strawberry seeds in pineapple fruits. (What we call a fruit is actually a compound fruit. Each segment is a fruit.) Unless your seeds are quite large, they probably aren't viable. I've tried sprouting the small things many times without success.

This group of bromeliads tends to have among the largest seeds in the family. Many genus Bromelia seeds are the size of dried peas, or larger. Yes, pineapples are genus Ananas, but they are closely related to Bromelia.

Most non-Tillandsia bromeliad seed can be sprouted the same way. Put them on the surface of some soil, keep very wet, and as hot as you can keep them. 100 F / 39C is nowhere too hot. Give Bromelia as much sun as possible from the very beginning; jungle epiphytes need less. I sprout seeds of my bromelias outdoors, in the hottest part of our year.

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA

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