Groundhog Recipes

Fri, 16 Feb 2018 09:24:14 PST
Hmmmm... I never used fennel ... always used oregano... interesting idea.
However, here on Vancouver Island, we don't get a lot of ground hogs, so it is
quite a delicacy. We do have an endangered marmot, so we can't substitute, and
rabbit just doesn't do it.
Jo Canning

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Don't bother with elderly specimens. After skinning and gutting, be careful to
remove the yellow bean-shaped glands in the upper armpit intact so the meat does
not become tainted. Soak the jointed meat three times - first in two changes of
salted water, then whole milk. Best recipe was a braise with fennel, kalamata
olives, and Beaujolais nouveau.

Judy in New Jersey where it is now raining
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