Canarina canariensis

Matt Mattus
Thu, 25 Jan 2018 11:28:11 PST
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Finding Canarina seed can be challenging. 

Note this:

Guerney’s was purchased 2001 by US owned ‘Garden’s Alive’, a catalog aggregator based in Kansas. Gardens Alive is the same company that purchased the owned the American T&M which they purchased outright from the UK firm in 2009 when they spun it off. 

Gardens Alive have since dissolved the US brand T&M, while the UK T&M remains a different company, shipping only to the EU.

Worth noting that Garden’s Alive  also own a library of other former seed and nursery companies we were once familiar with  including Weeks Roses, Brecks, Guerney, Henry Fields, Michigan Bulbs, Spring Hill, to name a few as well as Audubon Workshop catalog.

Park Seed Co. after going bankrupt was purchased by Blackstreet Capital in 2010. 
A company that purchases out of favor or underperforming industries and attempts to turn them around. I can’t imagine that they have been able to turn around the company, but if they did, I imagine that it would be a rather different company today than it was 30 years ago.

Parks too was bought out by a 

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    Both Park Seed and Thompson & Morgan used to carry this seed, but no longer.
    I have not visited either company's Web site in several years. I was saddened to see both declining severely. The US division of T&M was sold to a catalog aggregator in 2009. The British Web site has a tiny link at the bottom to the US Web site, which now redirects to Gurney's. Gurney's is a fine company, but it is targeted at beginning growers who want what is most popular. Park Seed has cut its inventory, and seems to be headed down the spiral of only selling what moves fastest, which drives away customers looking for rarer things, which leads to fewer things selling in high numbers, which leads to more things being dropped from inventory....
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