BX 434 Clarification

Albert Stella bulbexchange@gmail.com
Wed, 03 Jan 2018 08:47:49 PST
Hello all,

I’m not sure exactly what happened but the list of available materials in BX 434 was not numbered. 

You’ll receive shares that are numbered. The list is in numerical order as it appears in the email. See below. 

Please email me privately if you need any further clarification. 

Sorry for any confusion.

From Mike Mace (corms):

Moraea aristata
Moraea GK1212 (Moraea villosa form C x Moraea villosa form F)
Moraea villosa form A
Moraea villosa form B
Moraea MM12-55 (M. tricolor x M. macronyx) cormlets 
Moraea MM12-67 (M. villosa form B x M. villosa form D) 
Moraea GK 1303_6 (Moraea MM09-02c x M. villosa form D)
Moraea GK1213 (M. villosa form F offspring)
Moraea GK1303 (Moraea MM09-02c x M. villosa form D)
Moraea GK1303_7 (Moraea MM09-02c x M. villosa form D)
Moraea GK1211 (M. villosa form E x M. villosa form C)
Moraea GK1329 (Moraea MM09-02c x M. atropunctata)
Moraea GK1305 (M. villosa form A x M. villosa form D)

From William Hoffman (All seeds):

Hippeastrum harrisonii ex. Jim Shields
Zephyranthes atamasco ex. Wake Co., NC
Habranthus brachyandrus 
Lilium formosanum
Hippeastrum striatum ‘Soltão’ ex. Mauro Peixoto

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