Hippeastrum calyptratum (and cold weather)

Arnold Trachtenberg arnold140@verizon.net
Thu, 04 Jan 2018 18:50:00 PST

Have someone else give it a sniff.

There's some serious individual variation in sense of smell.

My wife can barely smell the very fragrant Muscari macrocarpum which I find wonderful.



Arnold Trachtenberg



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Like everyone else on the east coast of the USA, we're we're experiencing a
cold start to 2018 in North Carolina.  The low temperatures aren't
particularly unusual, but they are persisting longer than in recent
winters.  I'm starting to worry about how deep the ground might be freezing
and whether the frost will reach the South African and South American bulbs
that I have planted in the past five years.  I guess I'll find out in

In my greenhouse, I have my first Hippeastrum calyptratum flowers on a
four-year-old plant.  I am very pleased with their appearance but somewhat
disappointed by their fragrance.  After reading descriptions of "burning
plastic," I was expecting something really nasty, but all I can detect is a
very faint odor reminiscent of wet paint.  I guess my nose isn't as
sensitive as a bat's.

Pictures here:  https://sweetgumandpines.wordpress.com/

Happy new year.

Nick Plummer
North Carolina, USA, Zone 7.
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