Leucojum and Acis

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Wed, 31 Jan 2018 14:00:11 PST
On 1/31/2018 11:49 AM, Jane McGary wrote:
> I just looked up some information on /Acis tingitana/, which is 
> flowering in my bulb house now, and was confused by the text of the 
> entry in the PBS wiki. The information is credited to John Grimshaw, 
> but apparently written up by someone else. I can't tell from the way 
> it's written whether Acis is now moved back into Leucojum, or whether 
> both of them are to be referred to Galanthus. The problem is the 
> phrase "that genus," whose referent is unclear. Could someone please 
> clear this up for us?
I really confused by what Jane has written. I looked at the wiki page 
for this species and I can't see any reference to John Grimshaw.  It is 
listed as Acis with a synonym reference for its former name so there 
shouldn't be any puzzlement about its current name. Including the 
synonym is designed to be helpful, not confusing. The phrase "that 
genus" doesn't appear on the page. I'm not sure what page she was 
looking at.

> Incidentally, the PBS wiki text speculates that plants exhibited by 
> the Archibalds and illustrated on the wiki may have been the same 
> collection as my photographed plant. They aren't -- mine came from a 
> seed collection with the identifier SBL, S being Michael Salmon, who 
> sold the seed. They may have come from about the same place in North 
> Africa, though.
Most of the wiki pages were created by a few of us volunteers with the 
best information we can find. If anyone feels it is wrong, please 
contact one of the wiki administrators or learn how to correct the wiki 
yourself. I'll be happy to remove the speculation about the seed source. 
So many of you have valuable information about your experiences growing 
various plants. We'd love to have this on the wiki, but would need to 
have more people willing to help for this to happen.

Mary Sue

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