Leucojum and Acis

Jane McGary janemcgary@earthlink.net
Wed, 31 Jan 2018 11:49:21 PST
I just looked up some information on /Acis tingitana/, which is 
flowering in my bulb house now, and was confused by the text of the 
entry in the PBS wiki. The information is credited to John Grimshaw, but 
apparently written up by someone else. I can't tell from the way it's 
written whether Acis is now moved back into Leucojum, or whether both of 
them are to be referred to Galanthus. The problem is the phrase "that 
genus," whose referent is unclear. Could someone please clear this up 
for us?

As mentioned in said text, I've found A/L tingitana/um much hardier than 
British references state. My plants are under winter cover but have 
always been exposed to ambient outdoor temperatures usually reaching 
minus 6 C for short periods. A/L valentina/um, a fall-flowering species 
also considered tender by some, got out into my present garden in error 
when I moved 6 years ago and is doing very well there. Both of them 
increase readily and I must also make more of an effort to collect the 
seed, which matures rapidly. They would be very welcome in mild-climate 

Incidentally, the PBS wiki text speculates that plants exhibited by the 
Archibalds and illustrated on the wiki may have been the same collection 
as my photographed plant. They aren't -- mine came from a seed 
collection with the identifier SBL, S being Michael Salmon, who sold the 
seed. They may have come from about the same place in North Africa, though.

It's interesting that quite a few bulbs thought of as (semi-)tender in 
the UK and Europe do well outdoors in the Pacific Northwest USA, where 
winters are colder than in much of Britain and just as wet and gloomy. I 
don't think it's our dry summers, because I irrigate the areas where 
some of these bulbs grow weekly in summer. Could it be our lower 
latitude and correspondingly greater day length during the plants' 
growing season?

Jane McGary

Portland, Oregon, USA

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