Canarina canariensis

Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 24 Jan 2018 11:56:32 PST
It is so often interesting to read about people's experiences growing 
plants as they so often differ. I've felt one of the benefits of this 
list over the years is learning there may be more than one way to 
success. My experience with this plant is very different from some of 
the others. I grew it from seed in 2000 and it started flowering in 2005 
and has been flowering every year since. I've been leaving mine in my 
unheated greenhouse as it seemed happier not being exposed to a lot of 
winter rainfall. We do occasionally get frost as well. It is in a large 
plastic pot which Jane says is not a good idea and it hasn't been 
repotted in years. It is supposed to be a heavy feeder, but I've 
neglected it and that may explain why it hasn't outgrown its container. 
I'd probably get more flowers if I fertilized more. I've not moved it 
outside into the shade in summer like Lee advises and my greenhouse can 
get much warmer than outside temperatures. It has survived being kept 
completely dry after it goes dormant. Looking over some old posts from 
Uli I see he advised not to keep it dry during dormancy. He wrote:

> They grow in relatively high altitudes in the cloud belt forests where 
> it is
> moist and cool all year (I have never been there in summer but it will 
> not be
> hot and dry there)
Perhaps this has not been a problem since my summer temperatures are 
mild and only occasionally very hot and then not more than a few days at 
a time. I also see that Diana Chapman who also lives in a coastal 
Northern California climate like mine found hers did not flower well 
unless grown in a greenhouse. I do stake mine a bit when it is growing 
and it would probably like more room to grow than it gets.

No doubt our individually different experiences are explained by our 
different environmental conditions. That's another reason why it is a 
good idea to include location information with advice.

Mary Sue

coastal Northern California, wet mild winters, dry mild summers

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