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I think I owe money and can't remember if I have already paid dues this year.  I embarrass myself again.  
Carolyn Craft

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 I wish all of our forum members a healthy and Happy New Year.

As the keeper of the funds that allows the Society to provide the excellent benefits that we all have enjoyed over the years it is important that we remain solvent and keep adequate funds on hand.

We have continued our policy of funding grant applications for studies performed by professional botanists in the area of geophytic plant species.

You have seen some of their worked highlighted in past Bulb Gardens.

We continue to provide and excellent BX/SX exchange, now run by Albert Stella.

Will be hard to replace Dell but I know that Al will be up to the challenge.

The Board and various volunteers work behind the scenes to keep the Society functioning and growing.

My personal thanks to David Pillings, Robin Hansen and most of all to Dell Sherk for giving years of service.

To conclude we need your help in catching up on over due BS/SX payments and dues for the new year.

Please send any inquires to me at 


With kindest regards,


Arnold Trachtenberg

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