Scilla madeirensis seed

Luminita vollmer
Sat, 13 Jan 2018 16:39:59 PST
Hi everyone
I received 4 S. Madeirensis bulbs from Longfield Gardens mid November and I
planted them in a cool place. In the last few days 3 of them have grown a
middle spear about 10in long. I am in Minneapolis, we have -10F outside,
and my pot won't go outside for a while yet. But I will keep you informed
of the progress. However - I have a smaller, much smaller variety of what
commonly we can "grape Hyacinth" - small blue flowers just like the SM -
they bloom when there is still snow on the ground and stay green under the
snow, about mid to late March. The spread from seeds - and there is no
shortage of new bulbs, I actually have to clean up quite often, they spread
in the walking path. I have not had a problem with them spreading.

They are beautiful, even though they are small, and the bloom in bunches,
that's how the bulbs grow from the seeds I imagine. I can share later in
the season, when they are done blooming and I have to clean.

I hope the 4 bulbs I have of SM will bloom


On Sat, Jan 13, 2018 at 5:12 PM, Brian Whyer <>

> Hi Pamela
> I have grown it from seed a few times. They seem to take a very long time
> to ripen here in the UK. My seed pods formed at the end of last summer
> (September/October) and I don't expect to collect them until next
> April/May. The pods fill out over winter some getting 1 cm diameter+. Maybe
> in a warmer climate they ripen more quickly but not in my 7C minimum
> greenhouse. In their natural habitat they will be warm all "winter". Mine
> get very top heavy and I wonder if they fall over and ripen and break up on
> the ground naturally.
> Brian UK
>       From: Pamela Slate <>
>  To: Pacific Bulb Society <>
>  Sent: Saturday, 13 January 2018, 21:56
>  Subject: [pbs] Scilla madeirensis seed
> Dear PBSers,
> My five S. madeirensis are all producing seed and the pods are ripening.
> See attached (very amateurish) photo and note some of the pods are slightly
> under one cm and each scape has a different number of pods. I have muslin
> draw string bags I plan to place over the drying stems to catch the pods
> and hopefully find much seed to share with the SX as well as grow myself.
> Could anyone out there tell me when I need to cover the scapes and the
> approximate time it takes for ripening is complete?
> Also, do any of you have experience growing this plant from seed and if so,
> please share.
> Thanks so much for any information.
> Best to all,
> Pamela Slate
> Scottsdale Arizona USA Zone approx 9A-ish and warming
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