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Linda M Foulis
Wed, 20 Jun 2018 09:20:35 PDT
I succumb as well and kick myself later.  It's kind of like I have a moment of forgetting how many plants and bulbs I've purchased over the years that have died.  Sometimes the first year, most don't survive my winter, even though they should be hardy enough.   Do I think at that moment, that this time will be different?  I threw out a houseplant yesterday, purchased from my local grocery, that came from a well-known nursery.  I've nursed it since spring, yesterday I gave up.
Small nurseries (that grow their own plants), yard sales, your local chapter of garden clubs are the best places to get plants, in my opinion.  When Garden Import was operating, I purchased many wonderful plants and bulbs from him, but he's gone now.   Cuttings and divisions from neighbor's is preferable than tossing your money at the Monrovia's, again in my opinion.  
Robin, I don't think your being perverse in objecting to the marketing.  We get the same thing up here.  I don't think those stores are trying to appeal to US, (not United States but us as in we), they're selling to the instant gratification crowd.  
Most of the small nurseries in my area bring their plants in yearly from the big guys so I don't shop there either.  I have and found that I've paid more for the same results.  
I love seed.
I have had great results from the bargain bin at my local co-op for common bulbs, tulips, muscari and such.  Unfortunately, they didn't have the allium I want.
N of Leslieville, AB, Canada
Zone 2ish

My martagons are budding up, huge shovel clump from the neighbor.  Free!   I share my seed results with them.

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