Six feet tall and blooming in Portland: What is it?

Pamela Slate
Sat, 09 Jun 2018 15:35:39 PDT
Jim and Charles,
No image here either but it can't be D. maritima. It's an arid lands plant
and here in North Scottsdale, Arizona, I have a small forest of them. They
bake, dry all summer, leafless until after flowering in late summer
(hysteranthous) after our scant (of late) monsoon rains. They leaf out in
fall and are green all winter when they receive supplemental water.

On the mystery bulbs page of the wiki, scroll down to a submission by Bob
Hoel showing plants in flower in the Atlas Mountains of Marrakech. I
believe this to be D. maritima.

Would love to see a photo which can be attached like any other attachment
that is emailed.

All best,
Pamela Slate
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