Mirabilis longiflora

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M longiflora isnt hardy for me and multiflora doesnt seem permanent in my one attempt but it does bloom first year from seeds.   M longiflora tubers get huge and can be dug and stored bare in the garage--in fact I have to plant them out after I make a big sand pile for them to crawl around on.  They dont need sand but it does make it easier to dig the tubers in fall.  It also does sprawl quite a bit. 
Ernie DeMarie in NY

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>Interesting! Maybe I'll try that. Until now, I had considered M. >multiflora to be the hardiest, which indeed overwinters outside >unprotected for me (zone 7ish), though only from one of my two seed >sources - maybe there are individual differences?M. multiflora is definitely hardier than M. longiflora. The percentage of viable seeds in multiflora is sometimes low, but since the seeds germinate within hours after the seed coat is nicked, and the seeds are soaked in warm water overnight, it’s not necessary to wait for any length of time to be disappointed. Bob Nold _______________________________________________pbs mailing listpbs@lists.pacificbulbsociety.nethttp://lists.pacificbulbsociety.net/cgi-bin/…
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