My Rain Lilies Grow in Pots

Judy Glattstein
Mon, 25 Jun 2018 05:36:21 PDT
To clarify - Habranthus robustus, along with Zephyranthes candida, 
Habranthus martinez, Rhodophiala bifida, Freesia alba and cultivars, 
Hippeastrum, Crinum (they are getting very large), xAmarcrinum, are all 
grown in pots. Summer dormant (freesia and rhodophiala) remain in the 
greenhouse. The others all have a summer vacation outdoors. Hippeastrum 
spend winter dormant in the basement. Everything else must be shoehorned 
into the greenhouse which becomes more and more crowded year by year.

Musa basjoo does live outdoors year round, up against the house 
foundation. Cut back for winter and heaped with dry oak leaves and given 
a plywood roof. Puzzles my neighbors down the road who crop soy beans, 
hay, wheat and oats. Has made bananas a time or two. I do use the leaves 
to wrap conchinita pibil made in the slow cooker, or packets of shrimp 
or chicken grilled in the toaster oven.

Judy in New Jersey where this year the ticks are as much of an issue as 
the weeds
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