Sylvia Sykora
Wed, 27 Jun 2018 15:49:37 PDT
I’d be grateful for suggestions from those who grow Cyclamen in pots in Northern California (Bay Area) or elsewhere with a similar lengthy summer drought some heat, some abundant fog.  C. hederifolium and C. coum seem to take care of themselves in the ground even with summer water (the former beginning to bloom this week before all the leaves have died down).  But small pots of other species baffle me.  Do I keep them shaded and dry all summer?  Dry but in the sun?  Can they take our sometimes abundant fog drip from June through August?  Do they need a sand plunge bed?  And why did C. cilicium put out fresh leaves and a few blooms two weeks ago?  As the kids say, “So, what’s going on?”  In past years I’ve left the pots out on plant stands, moving them out of fierce sun during heat waves and letting them take what fog drip blows in from the ocean.   I’m keeping seedlings in their first and second year watered through our summer.  Any ideas that might work for a collection of small pots of these lovelies would be welcomed.

Thank you.

Sylvia Sykora
Oakland, CA 
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