Scilla maderensis

Johannes-Ulrich Urban
Wed, 06 Jun 2018 01:44:19 PDT
Hello Pamela,

If you have the impression that the seed is not yet fully ripe it will not do any harm to wait. Seed in a fruit or capsule is different than seed stored dry in a paper bag.
But if the seed in the fruit is hard and black it can be harvested.
An Arizona Summer for sure is not a good time to sow these seeds outdoors.
Scilla maderensis comes from partially shaded or north facing rocky slopes in Madeira. This island has an „eternal spring“ climate under the constant influence of the trade winds. It still has some Mediterranean influence as well so there is more moisture in winter than in summer. But the habitat of Scilla maderensis will receive some moisture through cloud condensation in summer which explains the short dormancy period of this bulb. The whole island never gets much warmer than 25°C,  maximum perhaps 30 for a short period.
Sowing seeds indoors is a good idea, the depth is not that important as the seed is quite substantial. If you cover the seed with about two or three times it’s own diameter you are on the safe side. And you can still split the seed and try different regimes.

Good luck!


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