Senecios are flowering

Ernie DeMarie via pbs
Sat, 09 Jun 2018 10:25:04 PDT
HI Kathleen,
Glad to know they have done well, here all three of the perennial South African senecios that I grow (S macrocephalus, S. polyodon, and S sp ex Tiffendell are also in bloom after a rough winter.  
Ernie in NY where an Ixia hybrid that survived the winter with a wood chip mulch is in bloom along with an alstroemeria I need to identify, Ornithogalum magnum, the last of Gladiolus byzantinus, some arisaema, and the first of the various kniphofia spp I grow, among other things. Also rhodohypoxis have been in bloom in the gardens for some time along with native Hypoxis hirsuta. 
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A PBS member, Ernie, in New York, sent me seeds of two South African species of Senecio, and having lost his email address in my email program, I am announcing to him and others that both species are blooming in my garden. Lovely!

PNW, south coast of WA, where it is raining tonight
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