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Wed, 27 Jun 2018 20:08:06 PDT
What is a sand plunge?

On Wednesday, June 27, 2018, Jane McGary <> wrote:

> I'd recommend either a plunge, or keeping the pots in full shade. Sylvia
> doesn't say whether the pots are plastic or pottery. My cyclamen species
> that are not in the ground are in clay pots kept under my shaded plant
> stands in summer, where a little water drips onto them so they are humid,
> if not wet. In the Bay Area no species should need winter protection; I
> keep C. rohlfsianum and C. creticum indoors under lights in winter here in
> Portland, Oregon (colder than where Paul lives), and C. rhodense is in a
> raised bed in the unheated bulb house. All the others are outdoors all the
> time (I don't have C. libanoticum, C. persicum, or C. balearicum, also
> rather tender). I don't think any species needs to be completely dry in
> summer; indeed, there's a volunteer C. graecum in a heavily watered
> perennial bed of very organic soil, and it flowered this year too.
> Jane McGary, Portland, Oregon, USA
> On 6/27/2018 4:34 PM, Paul wrote:
>> I maintain many Cyclamen in pots five miles from the ocean near Brookings
>> OR. After killing many seedlings from over drying, I now keep my pots in a
>> sand plunge and water the sand over the summer. Cyclamen seem best served
>> in as small a pot as possible, but I discovered that if the roots desiccate
>> too much the plant is doomed.
>> Paul Otto
>> Brookings Or ( where the rain is absent from June to September)
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>> On Jun 27, 2018, at 4:00 PM, Sylvia Sykora <>
>>> wrote:
>>> I’d be grateful for suggestions from those who grow Cyclamen in pots in
>>> Northern California (Bay Area) or elsewhere with a similar lengthy summer
>>> drought some heat, some abundant fog.  C. hederifolium and C. coum seem to
>>> take care of themselves in the ground even with summer water (the former
>>> beginning to bloom this week before all the leaves have died down).  But
>>> small pots of other species baffle me.  Do I keep them shaded and dry all
>>> summer?  Dry but in the sun?  Can they take our sometimes abundant fog drip
>>> from June through August?  Do they need a sand plunge bed?  And why did C.
>>> cilicium put out fresh leaves and a few blooms two weeks ago?  As the kids
>>> say, “So, what’s going on?”  In past years I’ve left the pots out on plant
>>> stands, moving them out of fierce sun during heat waves and letting them
>>> take what fog drip blows in from the ocean.   I’m keeping seedlings in
>>> their first and second year watered through our summer.  Any ideas that
>>> might work for a collection of small pots of these lovelies would be
>>> welcomed.
>>> Thank you.
>>> Sylvia Sykora
>>> Oakland, CA
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