Advice on plant photos

Hansen Nursery
Thu, 28 Jun 2018 11:59:01 PDT
Jane mentions overexposure with her Coolpix.  I ran into that same problem
with both the Canon and the Pentax point-and-shoots I have.  Just holding a
hand over the top of the camera when you have nothing else can help reduce
overexposure as does shifting positions.  I also take a zillion photos and
nearly always get something decent.  Plus, I finally discovered a quick
button to do a real closeup for plant photos, so now I make sure to choose
that option.  

The reason I have two of these cameras is that I've discovered the Canon
does a better job of indoor and people photos while the Pentax model I have
was recommended by Dr. John Little who does a lot of environmental
consulting and needed a camera that did a good job of very closeup work as
well as scenery.  He's had the Pentax for quite some time and it's still
meeting his needs.  I purchased it online as new with warranty at half the
price of the latest model.  The only downside is that it takes its own
battery type whereas for the Cannon I use lithium AA rechargeables...

Hansen Nursery

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