Mirabilis jalapa

Jane Sargent jane@deskhenge.com
Sun, 24 Jun 2018 20:41:08 PDT
In my other garden, the south Mexican one, Mirabilis jalapa is a flowery 
weed that just pops up and fights to the death with Ruellia brittoniana. 
A machete is the standard gardening tool. We have to keep these plants 
under control, whacking at everything frequently, so that there will be 
room for Megaspekasma erythrochlamys, my absolute favorite but probably 
not a geophyte, the heliconias, and theZephyranthes. Palm trees and 
bananas erupt. Cannas are perennials. The trick is keeping it all under 
control so that the boas and tarantulas and jaguars won't live in it.

Here in the Massachusetts garden, in contrast, it is more of an 
intensive care unit. We pray that the plants will grow and survive. We 
fertilize them. We fuss.


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