Asarum canadense

Joe G
Wed, 06 Jun 2018 08:48:04 PDT
I received some Asarum canadense seed from the NARGS seedex this winter -
they were mixed in with moist vermiculite and required a stratification
period before germination, but kept just fine for roughly half a year
before they were distributed and germinated this week following another
disaster that cut power to my dedicated plant & beverage fridge.

The seeds have elaiosomes like trillium etc. and so should be enclosed in
drawstring bags before the capsules split so ants don't carry them all off.
I purchased some inexpensively from the party favor section of the nearby
evil big box store.


On Wed, Jun 6, 2018, 11:20 AM Dennis Kramb <> wrote:

> I have a huge patch of Asarum canadense.  I think that it has never been
> offered in the PBS BX so I got the idea to try that this year.  I've been
> reading online that seeds must be planted fresh or kept refrigerated.  Does
> that mean sending them through the BX would be futile?  And strangely, I
> can't find any information as to when the seed pods actually ripen.  Does
> anyone know (even approximately)?
> My Asarum canadense is not particularly noteworthy in size, shape, or
> color.  So I wonder if there'd be much demand for it in the BX?  What do
> you think?
> Dennis in Cincinnati
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