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Hansen Nursery
Wed, 20 Jun 2018 08:28:58 PDT
For some time this phrase from Monrovia Nurseries has bothered me:
"high-bred, well-fed, loving care distinctively better". But will it
survive?  Can we or should we try to duplicate those growing conditions
provided by growers?  "Meltdown" - when your coddled, healthy, luxurious
annual/perennial/shrub/tree promptly succumbs under normal, i.e. homeowner


Am I just being perverse in objecting to the way our bulbs and other plants
are marketed?  What have everyone's experiences been when they order some
luscious-sounding bulb from a nursery and it does ok for a year or not at
all, never grows, does fine and then disappears?  I ordered a particular
plant from SpringHill Nursery and so far, it has not lived up to the
gorgeous photo nor the description.  I doubt very many of us follow any kind
of rigid, exacting schedule for watering and fertilizing as these big
commercial nurseries do.  Is it just a few big nurseries that push this


My general preference is to order from small, specialized nurseries, but
every now and then I succumb to the lure of photos and descriptions and
order from SpringHill or another nursery.  Do your bulbs survive and produce
for the most part? Or?


Just curious!



Hansen Nursery


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