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Hansen Nursery
Fri, 11 May 2018 18:59:41 PDT
Following Cynthia's directions below does work for more than just WeTransfer.  The other thing to remember is to allow plenty of time for the download.  I've gotten in a hurry and discovered it simply wasn't finished downloading yet.  (When I would try to open the download file, it would show nothing there.) The other  procedure I've found is once you've opened the download, you may discover you can work with the files more easily if you copy them and put them in a file of your choosing.  Sometimes doing that erases some oddball behavior without any fuss.  I've spent plenty of time messing around as I get .jpg and other files from authors for the Bulb Garden and have been forced to develop the process by trial and error.

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Hansen Nursery

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Jane, I hope somebody has helped you by now with your file transfer. Just today I was sent a new article on begonia clades in Taxon, (through WeTransfer)  and it worked beautifully. The files were compressed, but they downloaded into the downloads area on my Lenovo think-pad. Usually I come to grief with these things. What if you began again, in the email, saying ‘yes’ to the prompt asking if you want to download. Don’t try to open and view them until they are already in your download folder.

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