Looking for species Crocus leaf samples

Evan Eifler evan.eifler@gmail.com
Fri, 25 May 2018 13:21:46 PDT
Hi Everyone,

I recognize it's getting late in the season, but does anyone happen to have
species *Crocus* still in leaf? I'm looking for leaf tissue of any *species*
of *Crocus* - so not horticultural varieties, hybrids, etc.

If you remember, I am working on building a family tree for *Geissorhiza*,
one of the more obscure but beautiful bulb genera indigenous to South
Africa. I finally got my first batch of gene sequences back for a subset of
the species and the project is going well.

In addition to *Geissorhiza*, I've decided to expand my family tree to
include generic representatives (an individual specimen from each genus) of
the Iridaceae subfamily, Crocoideae so I can conduct a nested analysis of
*Geissorhiza* within Crocoideae which will improve the accuracy of my

If anyone is willing to part with a few leaves of their *Crocus*, please
let me know and I will give you further instructions. I'm happy to pay for
shipping if necessary.

Thanks, and I hope to post an update on my research to the Bulb Garden
later this year!
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