Thinking of the Saunders

Shane Simonsen
Tue, 22 May 2018 17:36:33 PDT
Hi Everyone

I am a new member on the list and lso far only a lurker. I run a small farm so life is pretty busy and I finally got into my greenhouse to do some overdue repotting. I was working my way through pots of seedling Babiana, Lachenalia and Lapeirousia, all sourced from the Saunders at Silverhill seeds. I also have fruit trees from them (Marula and Kei apples, though no luck with the Mogongo nuts….that was probably a bit ambitious as we are definitely not the Kalahari here in subtropical coastal Australia). Going through all those pots made me wonder about the tremendous impact they had on enthusiastic growers all around the world, and how those plants and their progeny will live on for as long as people love beautiful plants. 

Shane in Australia
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