Blue nymphaea

Johannes-Ulrich Urban
Thu, 24 May 2018 06:55:58 PDT
Dear All,

I saw the questions about the blue waterlily I donated leaf tubers again. All I donated in the past and this time is from the same plant. I took it with me when I moved from Germany to Portugal last July. It was amazing how fast it developed from a tiny leaf tuber (the same kind I donated) into a mature plant. In a warm climate it can be treated as an annual. 
I always comment my donations to the PBS but most of the time the text does not appear when the seed is offered. I had discussed that with Dell Sherk in the past but it didn’t last.
Also with this donation I included the warning that the viviparous nymphaea can become invasive as every leaf can form a new plant in the right climate. These leaf tubers I donated now have spent the frost free winter here in Portugal in a dormant state in the bottom of the basin and all of a sudden turned up at the surface in spring.
I wrote a long article about this plant in the „Bulb Garden“ some time ago including pictures. I do have pictures and would like to send them but I don’t know how to make an attachment to this forum, neither have I added anything to the WIKI as yet. With some help I am happy to do that. There would be more pictures of other plants for the WIKI.
The plant was given to me as a leaf under the name of Nymphaea daubenyana which it is definitely not. The closest I came in identifying it is the hybrid ‚Tina‘. 
A very beautiful and rewarding plant!


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